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About Enchanting Angels Collection

The word "Angel" means Messenger. Our fascination with Angels grows daily. They may appear in our lives to bring inspiration, hope and strength when needed or asked for. Some people believe that the first Angel we come into contact with is our Guardian Angel who is assigned to us at Birth and stays until the end of our time and that everyone has at least one Guardian Angel.
The Enchanting Angels collection of products was inspired by a vision to create a range of products that remind us of our connection to angels and the importance of their presence in our lives.
Our collection has been designed to meet the Australian Safety Standards. It includes the Enchanting Angels Teddy Bears, which are an exclusive and unique companion to celebrate new beginnings, life events or for support during times of need. The Enchanting Angels teddy bears are a premium handmade soft toy adorned with a natural living crystal. Crystals and gemstones have been used for thousands of years not only for decoration but also for healing and protection. Each crystal is unique in colour and characteristic, no two crystals are alike! Each crystal has a specific energy and may help with emotional, spiritual, physical and financial well being.
The Enchanting Angels Baby wear range includes the unique Angel Playsuit. Exclusively Designed in Australia with a focus on quality and comfort, Enchanting Angels Playsuits will inspire a new generation of little Angels.
Our exclusively designed collection of products will appeal to multiple groups of people who are celebrating or contemplating life events such as Births, Birthdays, Christenings, Anniversaries, Graduations, Valentines Day, Christmas, Easter, Weddings, Travelling or Illnesses.
Enchanting Angels, The Enchanting Angels Logo and Wing Design, Enchanting Angels Angel of Love, Enchanting Angels  Angel of Healing, Enchanting Angels, My Guardian are registered trademarks of Enchanting Angels Pty Ltd in Australia and Internationally and are subject to copyright. Enchanting Angels Pty Ltd has exclusive ownership of all products designs, product names and logos.

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