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Brand: Enchanting Angels
MPN: EA00005

Teddy Bear - Little Angels

The perfect companion for everyday travel or for those who like the idea of having an Angel to keep them safe whilst traveling abroad or with you every day in the car.

The perfect addition to travel luggage, a school backpack, pram or even a handbag. The detachable carabiner makes for a beautiful cuddle companion whilst sleeping.

Love (Pink)

The gift of unconditional affection for anyone.

Heart shaped applique signifies Love, Unity and Strength.

Adventure (Blue)

A talisman of good fortune for the adventurous or the traveller.
Circle applique signifies Protection, Security and Wholeness. Therefore Adventure represents any travel as a continual and safe journey.

Ambition (Purple)

Helps you with motivation, determination and future goals.
Curved Triangle applique signifies a sense of purpose towards your Hopes and Dreams.

Courage (Yellow)

Courage will help you feel brave, have more confidence and increased self-esteem.
Square applique represents Stability, Honesty and Trust.

Inspiration (Orange)

Helps with Creativity and Intuition with new ideas and hobbies. Let loose your imagination!
Diamond applique signifies Clarity and Insight, for your artistic journey.

Integrity (Brown)

The gift of Honesty, Sincerity and Truth with honourable principles.
Triangle applique signifies "power with a purpose".

Wisdom (Teal)

The gift of Knowledge and Understanding
Oval applique signifies Harmony, Commitment and Energy.

Enchanting Angels products are trademarked and subject to copyright internationally.

Teddy Bear Length: Hanging with carabiner from luggage, a school backpack or handbag is 22cm
Teddy Bear Seated: 15cm high
Teddy Bear Material: Polyester fibre fur
Additions: Detachable carabiner makes it a safe toy for sleeping

Returns accepted within 30 days of receipt providing the goods are returned as sold, undamaged, and returned complete with all undamaged packaging and labels attached.

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